New Life in the Mourning is a 4 session course designed to bring healing, wholeness and purpose to those mourning the end of a relationship through separation, divorce or relationship breakdown.

View the introduction here – did I really say change is avoidable? Whoops! Its unavoidable, growth through change however is optional.

Course outline

Session 1: the end of a relationship

Discuss changes and losses that ending a relationship brings and the grief it causes, and ways of overcoming the negative emotions generated by it such as anger, fear, guilt and depression.

Session 2: healing

Discuss forgiveness, rebuilding self-esteem, overcoming loneliness and the concept of ‘looking in the mirror’.

Session 3: moving on

Discuss choosing an abundant life, living a life of purpose and fulfilling your potential after ending a relationship.

Session 4: single again

Discuss living with your new identity, dating and loving again, and single sexuality.

Course reviews- answering the question: what did you like most about the course?

  • I think it was helpful as a group to share similar experiences/feelings/emotions
  • Sense of inclusion, self-acceptance, not alone
  • The fellowship of sharing with others in the same situation as myself
  • Sharing ideas, discussion
  • I think its valuable to all share our pain and hurt and know that life goes on
  • I enjoyed the active parts – writing down information, responding and thinking about questions
  • The friendships

To register your interest in attending a course please use the contact section. There is potential to run an online course so please let me know if you are interested using the contact section or email