There is only one you. No-one on the planet has the same genetic make-up as you. No-one has your exact personality or experiences. No-one sees the world as you do. You are a unique creation and there is a unique purpose for your life. The end of your relationship has not changed this. But what is your purpose in life?

Rick Warren could be considered an authority on the answer to this question. He was written a bestselling book ‘The purpose driven life’ that has sold over 32 million copies and was recently in the news with Michael Phlep’s success in the pool at the Rio Olympics.

Warren’s book explores how your purpose is shaped by your natural abilities and talents, your passions and what you like, who you are and your life experience. Read more about the Purpose Driven Life.

Ways to find your purpose.

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  • Reflect on the above things.
    • What makes you stand on your soap box?
    • What are you good at?
    • What personality are you?
    • What do you like doing?
  • Try different things. After teaching young kids in Sunday School for a year I learned I did not want to be teacher!
  • Ask others what they see in you and what they think you are good at
  • Use a resources such as SHAPE courses in some local churches or use the guides in the following books:
    • Katie Brazelton ‘Praying for Purpose for women’ 2005, Zondervan, USA
    • Max Lucado ‘Cure for the common life’ 2005, W Publishing Group, USA
    • Rick Warren ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ 2002, Zondervan, USA

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