You need to prepare yourself to love again. It takes time to heal and recover from the end of a relationship – sometimes years – and the willingness to work at it. If you don’t spend this time, you might find yourself experiencing the same problems that ended your previous relationship, or commenting to friends: ‘I married the same person.’

So how do you love again when the end of your relationships tore you to shreds and you’ve been battling to put yourself back together? Here’s 5 steps to be ready to love again.

  1. Heal from the wounds of your past
  2. Practice Forgiveness
  3. Know who you are
  4. Uncover any problems in how you relate (see additional blogs below)
  5. Work through what you want from a relationship (this may seem clinical as you end with a list, but women have expressed that it has helped them to not jump into ultimately unhealthy relationships or settle, instead hold to a character standard of what is important to them – see additional blogs below)

The additional blogs that became the Loving Again series are:

I cannot guarantee you will love again, but the process will help your healing.

My disclaimer: this is the topic I don’t have personal experience in to write from.

Photo credit: Ben Rosett