Most people experience a decline in their health at the end of a relationship. There are 5 aspects of health you need to care for yourself in and find a balance between them all: relational, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Initially all your energy will be consumed in the emotional area.

Download a copy of His Heart Ministry Training Health and Balance Assessment to rate your level of health in each area, and then complete the assessment of your balance between caring for you and caring for others, and balance within those areas. There may areas you need to set limits or areas you need to invest more time and energy in.

An alternative assessment tool is the Model for Healthy Living assessment wheel from the Church Health Centre which measures your satisfaction in 7 dimensions of health (Faith Life, Movement, Medical, Work, Emotional, Nutrition, and Friends and Family)  and the balance between them

Improving your health

To learn more about health and how you can improve it click here and see blog 7 ways to improve your health

To learn about creating a wellness vision for you life including how to use the Model for Healthy Living Assessment Wheel, setting goals and creating an action plan, watch me talk about it on You Tube.

Understanding change

Step 1 Big picture

Step 2 Small steps

Step 3 Do it