Released in August 2010, the book is a helpful reference for those who have experienced the end of a relationship. The topics are quite detailed balancing personal stories with well researched advice and containing “growth assignments’ to reinforce the message. The Christian dimension is interwoven but not pervasive.

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The blurb says:

And they lived happily ever after. That’s the dream ending we all expect from a

committed relationship, but dreams can become nightmares, and relationships end. But as Vicky Legge explains with authority and compassion, the end of a relationship doesn’t have to be ‘the end’. It can be a challenging, confronting and painful time that brings mourning, but there is hope for a new life.

Change is unavoidable. Growth through change is optional. New Life in the Mourning offers practical guidance to navigate the end of a relationship caused by separation, divorce or relationship breakdown. You’ll discover how to

  • overcome negative emotions and grief
  • heal and find wholeness
  • move on, choosing to live an abundant life of purpose.

New Life in the Mourning has been written by someone who has experienced the journey and knows there is light at the end of the tunnel. Vicky Legge has used her own, very personal, experiences to minister to many people who have found themselves single again, some of whom share their stories of finding healing and hope amidst the often devastating end of their relationships. She encourages you to take the journey as well, and to find ‘new life in the mourning’.

Apart from through His Heart Ministry Training, the book is also available through Koorong and other book stores, and as an E book on Amazon.

Book reviews

 “I’ve read “New Life in the Mourning” and it’s as though there’s a sensitive, informed, wise companion through a deeply challenging process. The book is well organized through its structure and the cross referencing reflects how our minds work in times of challenge. “New Life in the Mourning” balances personal stories with well researched advice so that the reader has confidence in what is being read. The interweaving of the Christian dimension is very effective and it reminded me of how my faith provided solid stepping stones in uncertain times” Anonymous age 55

“The title says it all – New Life in the Mourning. Here is a practical, realistic approach to rebuilding after a marriage breakdown. Vicky Legge has been through it and she knows. She doesn’t deny the mourning process – indeed she encourages her readers to embrace it and gives practical hints about how to deal with it. But at the same time, drawing on her own experience together with insights from the best in the business, she points out how new life can come – physically, emotionally and spiritually. The layout is attractive and the book is easy to read. This is a useful volume for pastors to have on hand both for their own understanding of the issues and for counselling newly-single people.”

Dr Vanessa Chant                       Dr Barry Chant
Head of Counselling,                    Author and teacher

Tabor College, Sydney                Founding president, Tabor College


“Legge’s book will offer comfort to many people who are wallowing in the depths of despair after a partnership breakdown. Legge knows that divorce is not the end. She is living proof of that and in this book has offered a lifesaver to all those that believe there is a rainbow on the horizon and that in every life some rain must fall. New Life in the Mourning is written with grace, heart and intellect”. Wendy O’Hanlon,- Acres Australia