And they all lived happily ever after.  Not!  It may not have been your choice but here you are.  You have gone from a couple to being single again.

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In re-working the material for updating this website I realised that when I look back to the end of my marriage and the healing from it, I no longer feel the pain. I can review what happened without feeling the same feelings anymore. I am happily living a life of purpose, still single, healed and whole. There is hope and life at the end of a relationship.

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New Life in the Mourning is about finding hope and healing as you deal with the end of your relationship and the grief it caused, and move forward into a new life. Look on being single again as a chance to re-create yourself as you adapt to this new way of doing life and find ways to explore the new you.

This website will give you some help for the journey which is broken into four sections:

I care about you. I write for you. I write to encourage you on journey of recovery at the end of your relationship. I have hope for you. Hope that you will find new life despite your loss and mourning. I write to equip you with some skills to make the journey and some short cuts that I learned along the way. You are special and you are loved.